Vision, objectives and strategic priorities

digital learning strategy


The University of South Australia will be recognised internationally for its use of innovative digital technologies to deliver a compelling and industry-relevant learning experience for students.


Through an enterprise-wide digital learning approach we will:

  • Support our students to become industry-engaged professionals with the digital competencies required to excel in their future careers
  • Support our staff in the development of digital literacies and capabilities to evaluate and introduce new digital technologies into their teaching practice
  • Provide increased opportunities for face-to-face interactions between students, teachers, researchers and industry practitioners
  • Improve the utilisation of digital technologies to provide authentic experiential learning opportunities
  • Provide flexible and personalised learning opportunities to allow students to have more control of their progression through their degree
  • Expand the reach of our academic programs locally, regionally and globally
  • Inspire life-long learning among UniSA students, alumni, staff and the external community
  • Ensure that digital innovations in teaching and learning can be undertaken seamlessly, reliably and sustainably within our overarching learning platform
  • Build and foster a culture of innovation across our academic community
  • Develop a culture of evidence-based practice and continuous improvement in the use of digital technologies in our teaching and their impact on student learning and graduate outcomes.

Strategic priorities

To achieve our objectives we will deliver on a series of commitments and key projects aligned with five strategic priorities:

  • Strategic Priority 1: Delivering an engaging and digitally enriched curriculum
  • Strategic Priority 2: Supporting our students to become productive professionals in a digital age
  • Strategic Priority 3: Expanding our flexible learning arrangements
  • Strategic Priority 4: Developing our academics as leaders in the digital learning experience
  • Strategic Priority 5: Inspiring and supporting life-long learning





Areas of study and research

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