Action Set 4

Action set 4: Transformational infrastructure, enriching the fabric of our institution

UniSA will deliver and renew infrastructure that positions the university as an inspiring place to work and study, providing spaces that stimulate and foster creativity and innovation in all facets of our operation - spaces that underpin happiness and health and support new models of learning.

In Health

We will deliver a new Centre for Cancer Biology and an Integrated Allied Health Professionals Clinic.

In Business

We will create a physically and thematically integrated UniSA Business School.

In Education

We will consolidate of all of our education offerings in a new precinct on the Magill Campus, transforming the provision of education training through accommodation of public schools, specialist schools and providers delivering birth to Year 12 education.

In STEM Infrastructure

We will invest in the refurbishment of undergraduate teaching equipment and laboratories for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education at Mawson Lakes.  

Our Public Engagement on Science.

We will deliver a major science public outreach initiative – the MOD. (Museum of Discovery)

MOD. is a futuristic museum of discovery, a place to be and be inspired. By offering immersive experiences within dynamic, changing exhibition programs, MOD. will explore the inherent creativity in problem-solving, and consider how research shapes our understanding of the world to inform future possibilities.

Other infrastructure plans include:

  • Moving the Hawke Research Institute into the Hawke Building on the City West Campus;
  • Providing dedicated branded and managed student accommodation;
  • Investing in new sports facilities and clubs and planning a new sports and cultural complex that can be reconfigured to include a university 'Great Hall'. 
  • Enterprising Spaces

    Enterprising Spaces Brochure Cover

    By 2018, UniSA will increase its engagement with local and global industries, enhance its current world-leading, relevant and informed research and produce more highly skilled and innovative graduates.

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  • Great Hall

    Architects impression of the Great Hall

    The Great Hall will be a one-stop shop for students and the local community, featuring a sports complex, swimming pool and facilities for graduations, exams, corporate and cultural events.

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  • Healthy futures

    Architects impression of the Health Innovation Building

    UniSA’s Health Innovation Building will be home to the Centre for Cancer Biology, the Science l Creativity l Education Studio (SciCEd) and an ICT Innovation and Collaboration Centre.

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More on strategic direction

  • unijam

    Our world conversation

    The world's first university jam was held on 29-30 May, offered a forum for almost 8000 across 50 countries to discuss how UniSA might grow into the future.

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  • Digital Learning Strategy

    Digital Learning Strategy

    By 2020 UniSA will be recognised internationally as a leading university for its use of innovative digital technologies to ensure a high quality student learning experience.


  • Hawke Centre

    Crossing The Horizon

    Crossing The Horizon describes the immediate and longer-term strategic actions that we will take to deliver that vision. 

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  • David Lloyd

    VC's home

    Professor David Lloyd took up his position as Vice Chancellor and President of the University of South Australia in January 2013.

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Areas of study and research

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