The University of South Australia has had a long history of research and teaching interaction with Japan, ranging from language studies at Waseda University, to engineering research links with the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering, to joint social science research with Keio University’s Graduate School of Human Relations. These links sit within the strong and wide-ranging relationship between the two nations. 

Japan is Australia's second-largest export market and third-largest source of foreign investment. Australia's stable political, business and investment environment makes it a critical supplier to Japan of clean and safe food products as well as minerals and energy.


Keio University   

UniSA’s Hawke Research Institute (HRI) collaborates with Keio University’s Graduate School of Human Relations through joint seminars,  joint research and a double PhDs.  The joint PhD program commenced in 2016 and we have one student currently undertaking the program. Keio University is considered the 'Harvard' of Japan and the current Memorandum of Understanding facilitates research collaboration in the field of social theory and cultural studies. In May 2014 the HRI held a States of Emergency conference, sponsored by the Japan Foundation, and in association with Chiba University and Keio University which addressed the economic, cultural, political and psychological impacts of recent global and regional disasters. The conference promoted a much needed dialogue between leading Japanese and Australian social scientists on global disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. A number of journal articles have also been co-authored in the Journal for The Theory of Social Behaviour.

Waseda University   

UniSA Japanese language students undertake annual study tours to Waseda University through UniSA’s Japanese studies program in the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages. A UniSA year long fellowship at Waseda University was supported by a Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange grant provided by the Japan Foundation, a semi-governmental organisation that promotes Japanese studies and culture internationally.

Waseda University is a partner under the Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program, which provides a scholarship to assist early career researchers and Australian and Japanese students undertaking honours, masters or doctoral studies by coursework or research in a relevant discipline in the areas of urban development, planning, urban design and environmental management to study overseas for up to six months in Japan or Australia. 

Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program

University of Tokyo   

Research collaboration between UniSA’s flagship Future Industries Institute and the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering is the source of a long standing research relationship.  

Tsukuba University    

Tsukuba is a partner under the Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program.

The UniSA Business School and Tsukuba’s Graduate School of Business Sciences have commenced an exchange relationship based on graduate business students undertaking short term programs at the partner university.

Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program

Rikkyo University   

Established in 1874 Rikkyo is one of the oldest private Universities in Japan.  Our collaboration with Rikkyo is primarily through their College of Sociology with a number of academic staff being exchanged between the two institutions as visiting fellows. 

Rikkyo University is a partner in UniSA’s Japan Foundation Conference.  Entitled “Mobile Cultures of Disaster Conference” Rikkyo’s Professor Seongbin Hwang, professor of Media Sociology, is a co-convener of the conference. 

Rikkyo are also a current student exchange partner.

Nagoya University   

Nagoya University is a student exchange partner; recently it has been a destination for undergraduate and post graduate Education students. Students do not require a prior knowledge of Japanese. Nagoya University is also a partner under the Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program, which has resulted in graduate student exchange.

Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS)   

UniSA has exchanged undergraduate students with NUFS since 2004. It has been a major destination for UniSA Japanese language students.

Kwansai Gakuin University (KGU)   

Kwansai Gakuin University is a partner in UniSA’s Japan Foundation Conference.  Entitled “Mobile Cultures of Disaster Conference” KGU’s Professor Masahiro Ogino, School of Sociology is a co-convener of the conference. 

Okayama University   

Okayama University is a long standing exchange partner with regular inbound and outbound undergraduate exchange since 2002. Students do not need to have studied Japanese to go on exchange.

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